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  • Ashlee

Weekend With Babies

One of the best things ever is being an aunt to my sweet nieces and nephews. Last weekend we got to meet two new nieces! My sis-in-law and brother added twin girls to the family, and they are so sweet and tiny! Baby B (Mia) is in the NICU for now while she gets a little bigger.

BA holding sweet Mia

Sweet baby Maya

I was so nervous to hold Maya when I first saw her... I'd never seen a baby so tiny! Then when I met Mia, Maya was so much bigger in comparison! I couldn't believe something so tiny could be so perfect and alive and, did I mention perfect?

We also got to spend time with Sofia, who is so smart and so sweet, and Kyler, our nephew who is growing up so fast and loves to chill!

Family is just the best, right?