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Utah Boutique Roundup

i ended up gaining a lot of weight in the last year due to a lot of stress and strain in my personal life and due to my metabolism not working at all.  due to all of that, i've had to buy bigger clothes.  once i got past the fact that the number or letter on the tag, i became ok with dressing myself again.  the only problem? availability.  my new body size didn't allow me to buy clothes that i wanted - people just don't provide the sizes.  so, to all of my plus-sized ladies, here are all of the boutiques (that i could think of) who provide at least size XL, and some with more.  for all of my average sized lovely ladies, i've included a list for you as well!

sizes xl and above

roolee boutique ​- can go up to 3xl

bella ella boutiqe - has a curvy line - can go up to 2xl

ella & anne temple dresses - goes up to 3xl

mikarose - goes up to 2xl

piper & scoot - sometimes goes up to 2xl

jessakae - can go up to 3xl

indego & sage​ ​- xl sometimes - on instagram only

cents of style - xl sometimes

jane - usually goes up to xl, but depends on brand

called to surf ​- has xl sparingly

s-l sizes

dm fashion - goes up to l

bohme boutique - goes up to l ​ the nest - goes up to l

the nest on main ​- goes up to l

shop stevie - goes up to l

limelush - goes up to l

soel boutique - goes up to l

olive ave - goes up to l

olive and tweed - goes up to m/l

​hope ave - goes up to l

one loved babe ​- goes up to las always, i would love for you to share any boutiques that you love or others that are size inclusive!  and, if you find any sizes in contradiction to this list, i'd love to update it.  until then, happy shopping!

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