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Santa Cruz Getaway

I've always wanted to drive through the redwoods.  I've wanted to marvel at a creation so massive, whole cars could go through them!  So, after flying in to San Jose at around 10 am, we rented a car (a Dodge Challenger!!) and took the scenic route to the seaside town of Santa Cruz.  We drove on tiny roads and rough roads and had a blast doing it.  

After checking in to our hotel (which we loved, and I did a little Instagram tour here) we took a minute to clean up and then went out for food at Betty's Burgers.  Betty's has good sized burgers and a secret sauce that they call "lube" which I thought was hilarious.  Their fries are also extra-crispy and delicious!  I highly recommend going there. 

After our late lunch, we drove along the coast next to the wharf and the boardwalk.  A little further down from there, we parked and watched the surfers catch some waves.  It was a chilly 65ish degrees (which I loved) but Matt and I both agreed that the water must have been FREEZING.  Still, the salty air was so welcoming! 

​Saturday morning we slept in, and just relaxed.  On our way to breakfast, we noticed there was a VW car show a few buildings down with live music and some of the coolest classic cars we've ever seen.  One that stood out was this old VW van that a couple has driven from Argentina to Alaska!  They've driven over 40,000 miles in 40 months, living in this tiny van together.  It was awesome because Matt and Ariel (the man from Argentina who drove the van) were able to talk to each other about Argentina and stuff.  It was great!  After the car show, we walked a couple of blocks downtown to where there was some shopping.  Obviously Matt and I's first stop was at the candy store, where we found some yummy treats and hilarious novelties.

For a late lunch, we went to the very popular and highly recommended Pizza My Heart, which was, of course, delicious!  After lunch/dinner, we went to the wharf to explore.  There were a TON of sea lions hanging out underneath the wharf, including a chunky one that had a hard time jumping up to a little landing!  We also dipped our toes in the sand next to the wharf for a minute.  It was a lovely day. 

On Sunday we went to the adorable Cannery Row, and the world famous, Monterey Bay Aquarium!  I have been wanting to go to this place since my parents went more than 10 years ago.  Finally, I got my chance and it was awesome!  Words can't do the place justice, so I'll just show you some photos:

Monday was our last day in the area, so after sleeping in late and packing up, we checked out of our hotel and drove back up to San Jose.  We decided to check out the Santana Row area, which was unreal.  It was seriously the cutest!  BUT... they had WILDLY expensive shops there - including a Tesla showroom.  Naturally, Matt and I had to check it out!  The people there were so nice and one of the men working there insisted we "get in and push all of the buttons".  Umm, yeah!  It was so great, it felt like a big toy.  Playing with it, combined with the specs, pretty much convinced Matt and I that we need one.  The mall next to Santana Row was equally as amazing.  Not only do they have all the normal stores, they literally had all of the upscale stores too.  It. Was. Legit. 

After refilling our rental with gas, we headed to the airport for the flight home!  It was a great trip, very affordable, and so nice to reconnect with each other without any distractions. 

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