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Mexican Riviera Cruise

last year, Matt and i went on a cruise with my family through the mexican riviera.  WE. LOVED. IT. we booked through Carnival (which I have heard both good and bad about) and we really ended up loving our experience.  not only was it a super affordable option, we enjoyed all of the amenities, including winning an excursion!

our first day was stressful but exciting.  we boarded our ship (the Carnival Miracle) at around noon and explored the decks until we set sail at about 4pm.  we hung out for a while on the lido deck checking out all of the food options (including 24/7 pizza!) and watched as we set sail.  Matt and i went to the back of the ship to the 21+ pool and sat in a cabana watching as the city floated away.

the next day was a full day at sea.  we went to some of the many events including bingo where i won the grand prize of a gold and diamond necklace and a few hundred dollars to spend on board!  then, right after winning bingo, i won a raffle for a free excursion snorkeling in cabo. it was a successful day to say the least.

we arrived in cabo san lucas and were able to spend two days there.  the first day we were able to do our excursion and spent the rest of the day exploring the shops and swimming in the warm sea of cortez.  it is possibly the clearest water i've ever seen! the next day we did the same thing, including taking a boat tour around the bay - we even touched the final stone that poked out of the sea on the end of the yuccatan penninsula (which the nerd in me loved!).  we also bought some lovely jewelry from a local artisan. i still dream of that water in the sea of cortez.

our next port was at puerto vallarta which i didn't love... until we got to the jungle!  we did an extensive ropes course through the jungle and it was so much fun! we hiked and climbed, repelled and flew through the air.  our final zip line was into the river, which was so surprisingly warm! we then tubed down the river to meet our mules which trekked us up the mountain.  this was a full day excursion which we actually paid for at the place, not through our ship. we loved this and got some amazing photos. our board time back on our ship was earlier this evening, so we headed back to eat dinner in the dining room.

our next couple of days were at sea on our way back to california.  we had two formal nights (both not pictured) but we really just relaxed these last couple of days.  we got a family picture (minus one!) with our One Team One Fight shirts (my dad was doing chemo during this trip, isn't he a trooper?  read more about his cancer here).  The food was divine, and we could have as much as we wanted.  i ended up trying many different things, including escargot! all and all, i loved this vacation.  this was a brief description, but we did a lot of other activities not mentioned. if you have the chance to go on a cruise, do it!

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