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Social media can be a real drag sometimes. I often find myself comparing my life or by body size to the women whom I follow. It gets old REAL QUICK. But, there's hope! I follow some really amazing people - their stories and lives uplift mine and I'm sure you can benefit too!

Sarah is a body positive, life positive, all-around-positive person and a joy to follow! One of my favorite things about Sarah is that she is so personable, and will message you back if you ever have any questions or comments!

I'm sure y'all know her - she's a dynamic lady BOSS. Also, how etherial is she? She's a sweet momma and a stellar designer.

Let me be frank, Mindy Kaling is the funniest, prettiest, realest celebrity out there. I feel like we'd be bffs in real life.

Alex is a plus size model and gives me all the life! She's so down to earth and I love following her on her adventures - including her recent trip to Portugal!

Besides being an incredible photographer (umm, Albion's chief photographer!) she's the prettiest lady with the prettiest soul. Her little family is flawless and I'm almost as obsessed with Harry Potter as she is!

She's a professional stylist and professional mom and professional lady boss. I love her style and her babies are the cutest ever.

How stunning is this momma? She recently had the sweetest baby girl with the CUTEST name. I feel like she and I could be bffs one day!

If you don't know who Katie Sturino is, you might be living under a rock. She's the creator of the #MakeMySize campaign for brands to make extended sizing for us plus size ladies AND she's the creator of MegaBabe products. Thigh chafe no more!

Last, but certainly not least is the gorgeous Kacey. This woman built everyone's dream home in Idaho with her hubby and she's an interior design guru. She's also a great follow for style and beauty finds as well.

Do you have any other people that you love to follow? Comment your favs below!

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