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9 Songs For Self Love

I am the first to admit that women are horrible to themselves.  If you like what you see in the mirror at any point in your life, kudos, because I think I speak for the majority of women when I say that a lot of us don’t feel that way.  Still, self-love is something that is SOOOOOOO important to our happiness. We can’t truly allow ourselves to love others if we can’t stand ourselves. I’m sure you’ve heard that before – it is true.  Because you can’t fully give yourself to someone when you’re worried about the parts you don’t like and think that they might not like either. So, take an hour, draw a bath, and listen to these 9 songs about how wonderful you are!   Listen to all of the songs HERE!

 Run The World (Girls) – BeyoncéObviously we had to start out with some serious girl power!  Get your jam on to this anthem and realize that YOU RUN THE WORLD. 

Who You Are – Jessie JI found this song in high school and I’ve literally ugly cried to this in the darkness – that’s the level of relatability in this jam.  BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE! 

I Want To Break Free – QueenI totally want to talk about how silly us Americans are due to the simple fact that this song wasn’t a HUGE hit here in the States for some reason, but instead I will focus on how all of us want to break out of our own lives sometimes.  Break those barriers, girl!

Skyscraper – Demi LovatoI know we all know and love Demi from her Disney Channel days but this chick has grown up to be a hardcore, REAL woman.  She’s been super honest about her struggles and this song is reminiscent of that. She keeps rising back up, and so can you. 

The Middle – Jimmy Eat WorldI LOVE JIMMY EAT WORLD and the teenage emo inside of me goes crazy listening to anything Jimmy.  I specifically included this song for its lyrics which YOU MUST LOOK UP and also because this is a party anthem that everyone who was born in the early 90’s should know.   

This Is Me – Keala Settle and the cast of The Greatest ShowmanIF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THIS MOVIE, YOU ARE WRONG.  I cried during every song the first time I saw this movie. Like… sobbed.  It is a piece that everyone who has ever felt out of place can relate to.   

She’s A Butterfly – Martina McBrideI loved this song when I was in middle school and I love it still.  It describes how a girl changes into a butterfly as she grows and learns to fly.  I’m reminded that there are still many chances for me to be that butterfly. 

I’m On Fire – AWOLNATIONI love this cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic, and while i’m obsessed with the original, this version is so calming and ethereal – perfect for the winding down of this list.

Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 – Yo-Yo MaThe Man, The Myth, The Legend himself plays this gorgeous peace that EVERYONE loves – and for good reason.  I find myself contemplating life when I listen to classical, and just enjoying the beauty of music just leaves me feeling full of love and light. Listen to all of the songs HERE!

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