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  • Ashlee

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1.  I didn’t have a middle name growing up, so when I changed my name after getting married, I made my maiden name my legal middle name.  Besides it being convenient, it helped me retain the identity I had regarding my name and who I was before and after getting married. ​

2.  I have worn glasses since the 5th grade.  I am SO BLIND. I often wonder what it would be like to wake up in the morning and see my surroundings. ​

3.  ​I LOVE bath bombs.  They are so relaxing and I can’t have a bath without one!

4.  One of the hardest parts of marriage for me is sharing a bathroom.  Matt literally takes the longest showers, and I often get booted to the second bathroom.  After our first apartment where we only had one bathroom, we quickly learned we will need at least two for the rest of our lives. ​

5.  I am a candle addict.  I seriously own so many, and I’m obsessed with my home smelling amazing.  (shout out to TJ Maxx, Bath and Body Works and Target!)

6.  When I was younger, I didn't really like Halloween, but now it’s my favorite holiday!

7.  I can see music.  I have a spiritual connection with music and I can see it in forms of light. ​

8.  Speaking of music, I can play many instruments by ear.  I learned to play by ear while playing the violin, but that increased as my singing lessons continued throughout my life. ​

9.  I’m a huge Dr. Who/Harry Potter/Star Wars fan!  I think going to ComicCon would be legit! Is my nerd showing?

10.  I bought my wedding dress before my husband even proposed.  It was also one of the first dresses that I ever even tried on!  I actually bought my dress the same day Matt bought my ring. ​

I would love to know more about you! Tell me a couple facts about yourself in the comments!